5 Party Products to bring the fun to your Summer Party!

Summer is in full bloom, and what better way to spend the hot summer days (and nights) than to enjoy a party with your close friends/family?! Summertime is the perfect season for hosting a party. The weather is warm and inviting, the kids are out of school, and there are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Here are a few tips for throwing an affordable and enjoyable summer party.

1. Plan ahead. Start by deciding on a date and sending out invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will give your guests time to mark their calendars and make arrangements.

2. Keep it simple. A summer party doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, the more casual the better - think pool party or barbecue instead of black tie affair!

3. Get creative with activities. There's no need to hire a professional entertainer when you can come up with fun games and activities yourself. That is why we leave you with 5 awesome suggestions to bring life to your party:


1. IDance Megabox 2000 Portable Bluetooth Party System

The iDance Megabox 2000 is a powerful 400 Watt portable Bluetooth speaker and PA system with super quality sound and a built-in Disco light show that comes complete with a wireless microphone and built in USB charge Smartphone & tablet cradle. You can play your music via Bluetooth, USB MP3, MicroSD card, AUX IN or FM Radio. Use the 2 band equalizer to get your music exactly to your liking. The battery has a playing time of up to 8 hours and has a telescopic handle and wheels, so you can take your party anywhere!


2.Easy Karaoke Bluetooth Pedestal Karaoke System with Light Effects, EKS878BT

 The Easy Karaoke Bluetooth Pedastal Karaoke System is our best seller for a reason - Sing along and record your performance with friends whilst following the lyrics on the 7 inch TFT colour screen, complete with disco lights, echo and balance key controls to enhance your whole singing experience. It comes with 2 microphones. 

Simply turn the karaoke night into a disco for a full-on party with the synchronised built-in disco lighting effects, and impress your guests!


3. Sony HTG700, 3.1 Ch, 400W, Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth and DTS:X, HTG700.CEK

 Hear sound from all directions with up to 7.1.2 channel surround sound - the Vertical Surround Engine, the advanced surround technology, lets you enjoy the thrill of the latest cinema audio formats like Dolby Atmos®/ DTS:X™ in a single slim unit. Its three front speakers, combined with unique Sony signal processing, reproduce “vertical” audio, creating virtual surround sound that seems to come from all around you.

Thanks to Sony’s virtual surround technology, the soundbar can position sound in vertical space – so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. As well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Vertical Surround Engine lends a more realistic, multi-dimensional sound to other formats too.


4.Yamaha AATSC200BLUK 100W Compact Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer & Bluetooth

 Sometime, a summer party  can mean spending the evening with your friends or family watching a good movie or playing a video game - in cases like this, your best option is to be immersed with virtual surround sound technology. With the unit placed under your screen, a virtual sound field is created to reproduce left, center, right and back sound effects, so you can enjoy a fuller rich presence just like a movie theater.

This compact sound bar incorporates a built-in 75mm (3 ") subwoofer unit and dual passive radiator. In addition, the "Bass Extension" enhances any bass signal to ensure a rich and powerful sound.

It features 4 Sound Modes - you can enjoy the sound of movies, music, TV programs and games with Yamaha's optimal sound modes. Select from four options (Stereo, Standard, Movie, Game) designed to suit your content. Stereo mode to match stereo playback of music, Standard mode for most TV programs, Movie mode for movies to enhance space expansion, and Game mode to immerse yourself in gameplay content allowing for individual sound action localization to be clear and precise.

Have you ever found it difficult to hear voices or lines from announcements and song vocals? With Yamaha's clear voice function, you can automatically distinguish human voices such as dialogue and narration from other sounds, increasing the volume of only human voices. Even in movies, dramas, news programs, and music where Back Ground Music and sound effects have been used abundantly, the human voice is clearer and easier to enjoy.


5. Panasonic Technics EAH-AZ70WE-K Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds in Black


For those on the introverted side - summer can mean family functions, and that can mean endless chatting - for the introvert in you, there is no bigger annoyance that this. But, worry not - we've got you covered! We present to you: The Panasonic Technics EAH-AZ70W - they are the premium true wireless earbuds with energetic Technics sound and superior noise cancelling technology. These truly wireless headphones use a wide 10mm dynamic driver, creating a broad soundstage. This makes it easy to generate bass, creating a wide sound field and space perception that sounds like it's coming from much larger speakers.n addition to strong PEEK material, the earphones are treated with graphene coating to increase their strength and reduce components vibrating unnecessarily in the diaphragm itself (large internal loss is acceptable). The smooth, clear treble gives vocals an elegant sound.The EAH-AZ70W wireless headphones use Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology which is composed of several systems. Firstly, Feedforward Noise Cancelling (FF-NC) and Feedback Noise Cancelling (FB-NC). Secondly, a combination of Analogue and Digital Processing. The combination of these two systems accomplishes an Industry-leading Noise Cancelling Effect in the True Wireless category.

So, put your earbuds in, sip on your cocktail, and leave the small talk for the ones who enjoy it. 


 In conclusion, these five party products will help you to have an extraordinary summer party! With these items, your party will be more fun, festive, and memorable. Be sure to use them to make your party the best it can be!

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